Pallet Rack Permit Services

Next Level Storage Solutions can assist you with the permit process at your local city or county.  We will submit the drawings and calculations to the appropriate department and complete the process by obtaining your racking permit.  We will coordinate the approvals with the Building Inspector to ensure a sign-off that works for your schedule and allows use of your racking as soon as you need it. We have extensive experience nationwide in obtaining approved permits for erecting storage rack systems.

Pallet Rack Permit Approval

Pallet racking, one of the most widely used material handling products, has been under increased scrutiny from building authorities in recent times. This impacts not only distributors, who use the pallets for their products, but also the lift-truck manufacturers whose machines handle the pallets. (California’s pallet and shelving permits are especially stringent due to that state’s propensity for earthquakes.)

Pallet usage is prevalent so it makes a convenient target for regulators. Local building authorities or fire department officials will typically visit a site for some other stated purpose, spot the unlicensed pallet construction and then “red tag” it, effectively bringing the construction schedule to a standstill. This unplanned halt in construction can create a domino effect. As it often happens, the product scheduled to be stored on the rack must be delayed which, in turn, can disrupt the customer’s ability to pay for the job. Layouts, bills of material and even the types of lift trucks intended for the job are all aspects that are subject to change.

Things Needed to Apply for a Pallet Rack Permit

Before you turn in an application for a pallet rack permit, a number of things must be in order. We’ll help you pull together the following information & make sure it is ready for your filing. We’ll also verify that there aren’t any additional items required by your local permitting office.

1.  Address

2.  Warehouse Drawings

3.  Warehouse Project Drawings

4.  Seismic Structural Calculations for Pallet Rack

5.  Information on Pallet Rack Installer

6. Total Project Cost

7.  Permit Fees