Equipment & Warehouse Safety Audit Services

All equipment & safety audits are performed by highly trained, certified safety experts. These audits are done for warehouse equipment such as fork-lift trucks, battery chargers and changers, as well as structural racking audits. The results of these audits can help in determining whether or not investment in new mechanical or structural equipment is needed, identify abuse and quantify remaining life. Structural audits can also be done to investigate the effects of rack re-profiling, damage and code changes.

We recommend scheduled pallet rack inspections by warehouse management & workers on a continual basis. It’s always important to file “incidental” rack damage as it happens. Rack inspection checklists can be found online, or we can help you develop a customized checklist for your specific warehouse. There are many industry “best practices” that will help guide your management team on how to best implement & maintain a rack inspection schedule. Consistent rack inspection will improve your employees’ understanding of pallet rack safety and can be the reason they spot a problem before it’s too late.

Rack maintenance and safety is incredibly important, not just because of the huge expense tied up in inventory & equipment around the rack, but also because one rack failure can set a company back for years on Workers Comp. The same is true for forklifts, conveyors, & all automated or structural equipment in the warehouse. We have all heard the horror stories of a company that neglected a simple bit of maintenance & wound up with a huge lawsuit on their hands. Keep a basic audit schedule & good records to help you avoid any horror story of your own. A good paperwork trail of your audits will also help if an accident were to happen.

Warehouse Safety Audit

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