Why Good Warehousekeeping Matters

Is warehouse cleanliness and organization part of your strategic plan? Establishing standards for order and cleanliness in a warehouse play an important role in the profitability of a business. Good warehousekeeping sets a positive frame of mind for workers, which has been proven to impact productivity and efficiency. A clean and organized warehouse also enhances worker safety and reduces [...]

Warehouse Storage Solutions: Cantilever Rack for Storing Long or Bulky Items

Do you store long and narrow, odd-shaped or bulky materials in your warehouse? If these types of items are eating up your floor space, you should consider cantilever rack. Sometimes called pipe rack or lumber rack, cantilever rack consists of beams anchored to an upright at only one end. It's an excellent solution for storing items such as lumber, plasterboard, drywall, steel [...]

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Omnichannel Retail: Where and how are your customers shopping?

Are you meeting your customers on the channels where they are buying and shopping? Omni-channel retail is just that: having your product wherever consumers are already spending their time. And that means a combination of brick-and-morter shops, online stores, social media, or marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, and Google Shopping. Omnichannel sales also provide the customer with an integrated shopping [...]

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What’s the Most Wasted Space in a Warehouse?

And the winner is: the space above the loading dock doors! That's right, that area above the loading dock doors is a potential gold mine of storage space. Did you know that each dock door offers an average of 100 square feet of unused space? That's nothing to sniff at. What to store over the dock door While over-the-door [...]

Warehouse Ergonomics: Reducing Sprains & Strains in Your Operation

The warehousing industry is known for having a high injury rate; in fact, musculoskeletal injuries occur twice as frequently in the warehousing and storage industry than other industries in general. Musculoskeletal injuries are caused by poor ergonomics such as improper lifting, overexertion, repetitive motion, and awkward postures. Improving ergonomics in your operation will not only reduce the dollar amount [...]

The Humble Pallet

  Pallets, of course, are merely one cog in the global machine for moving things...yet pallets are arguably as integral to globalization as containers. For an invisible object, they are everywhere. (Vanderbilt, 2012) The above snippet is from an article published a while back in Slate, “The Single Most Important Object in the Global Economy,” by Tom Vanderbilt. I happened [...]

Reducing Your Aisle Width For High Density Warehouse Storage

Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack can reduce aisle space by up to 40% Did you know that maximizing storage in your warehouse can be as much about the aisles as the rack itself? Aisles can take up to 80% of a facility’s available floor space – that’s why reducing unnecessary aisle space can create more room for [...]

Preventing Cargo Theft by Fictitious Pickup

Cargo theft has been around as long as humans have been transporting goods for sale. But in recent years, fraud has played a role in much as 10% of all cargo theft. Known as the "fictitious pick up," this relatively new mode of cargo theft (it emerged as a trend around 2005) involves a type of identity theft. Thieves [...]

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How Recent Hurricanes Have Affected the Logistics and Transportation Industry

The Atlantic hurricane season begins the first of June and runs through the end of November, with the peak season typically running for three months, from August through October. The peak season so far this year has been a doozy, with back-to-back Harvey and Irma both making landfall in the U.S. as Category 4 hurricanes. And the Atlantic hurricane season is [...]

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How Secure is Your Warehouse Facility?

Protecting your warehouse inventory and equipment from theft can be a challenge. Because of their large sizes and complex layouts, there are many areas in a warehouse where vulnerabilities can occur, increasing a facility's risk to external threats as well as internal employee pilferage. Here's a look at some tips for safeguarding your facility from theft and vandalism. Focus [...]

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What’s Included in a Warehouse Operational Audit?

What’s limiting the effectiveness of your operation? If you would like to lower costs, increase profits, and see high customer satisfaction rates, it's important to analyze your warehouse operations to measure productivity and to identify patterns and trends so you can determine exactly how you are doing and what improvements you need to make. This is where an audit comes [...]

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Lighting Your Warehouse

Is your facility lighting an afterthought, a necessary burden that you prefer to spend as little as possible on? We know it's tempting to go that route, but it’s important to realize that cheap, substandard lighting will likely cost you more in the long haul. Good lighting in a warehouse or factory is essential for worker safety, optimal performance, [...]