The Sustainable Supply Chain: How Can You Make Your Existing Distribution Facility Greener?

As more and more end users are insisting upon a sustainable supply chain, distributors are increasingly looking for ways to make their facilities greener. And for many large end customers, sustainability in their entire supply chain is not just a preference, it is a requirement. But beyond satisfying your customers' demands for a sustainable supply chain, implementing sustainability initiatives [...]

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GUEST POST: 6 Factors That Can Help With the Growth of Your Warehouse

by Kevin Hill Efficient warehouse management is becoming more and more critical as it optimizes warehouse processes as well as ensures overall inventory profitability. There are a number of ways to improve warehouse management, such as implementing warehouse floor scales. Here's a look at 6 factors that can help in contributing to the growth of the warehouse. Employees Employees [...]

LEED V4 Interior Lighting and Daylight Credits for Warehouses & Distribution Centers

LEED-certified warehouses are a significant link in the sustainable supply chain. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to verify that buildings are constructed and operated in a way that reduces emissions, energy, and water use, and improves environmental quality. With the latest incarnation of [...]

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Which Type of Gravity Conveyor Do You Need?

Non-powered, or gravity conveyor systems have been a staple of materials handling and manufacturing since the early 19th century. But long before that, ancient Egyptians probably used gravity conveyors of some kind to move the stones used to build the pyramids. The Romans used gravity conveyance in the aqueducts that supplied the city with water for over 500 years. [...]

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Could Your E-Commerce Distribution Center Reduce Its Packaging Waste?

It’s not a myth that online shopping requires massive amounts of energy and resources, and reducing your packaging waste is just one of the things you can do to minimize your impact on the environment. Only about half of the 75 million tons (per year!) of container and packaging waste is recycled annually – that means 37 million tons [...]

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Warehouse Inventory Management Tips

While warehouse inventory management is about arranging inventory so it can be found quickly, it’s also about maximizing productivity for labor costs savings and increasing inventory accuracy. Yes, there are plenty of good software products available in all price ranges that help improve accuracy and the flow of goods, but there some best practices that should be applied to [...]

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Guest Post: Internet of Things (IoT): The Future of Smart Roads

by Katherine A. Began When it comes to transport innovation, we often focus on tech and automation inside a vehicle, rarely giving much thought to something equally as noteworthy: engineering possibilities for what’s beneath the vehicle. Like car and home automation, roads are now being considered a candidate for smart technologies. Interstates, back roads, and city streets can provide [...]

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Avoid These Potential Pitfalls During Your Warehouse Relocation

Moving a storage operation is a massive undertaking that can be logistically challenging. And relocating while doing "business as usual" presents even more significant challenges to keep operational restrictions or downtimes to an absolute minimum with the least possible business interruption and cost. A relocation project of this type requires organizational skills and can't be done right without careful [...]

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GUEST POST: Growing Trends in Global Manufacturing

by Katherine A. Began Technology has always driven manufacturing trends and capabilities, and the outlook for industrial production in 2018 shows no sign of slowing down. Advances in customization and supply-chain dynamics appear to be fueling the charge as manufacturers work to keep cost down while increasing production. Digitalization One of the most exciting trends in manufacturing is the [...]

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Warehouse Safety: Conveyor Safety Best Practices

Conveyors are a great help in transporting materials and supplies throughout a facility, but like any piece of equipment that moves materials, conveyors can present some safety concerns. Both powered and gravity conveyors are common causes of warehouse and plant injuries. Here's a look at some best practices for keeping your employees safe. Conveyors are not for people! While [...]

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Guest Post: The Future of Fleet Maintenance

by Steven London Integrated Technology and Predictive Analysis In the next 10 years, the biggest challenge to fleet management will be the analysis of huge amounts of data (Big Data) and their application to vehicle maintenance, driver safety, productivity and lower operating costs. Technology developments that increase vehicle complexity will significantly augment fleet management capabilities, providing much greater visibility [...]

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What Does Blockchain Mean for Supply Chain & Logistics?

How much do you know really know about the products you use everyday? You probably know the retailer you bought them from. You might know a product is sustainably sourced or the country of origin, but between coming from the original source and getting into your hands, there is an almost incomprehensible network standing between you and the products [...]

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