May 8, 2018

Double Down on Your Existing Warehouse Space with a Mezzanine

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A warehouse mezzanine is a secondary floor or platform installed above the main warehouse floor to take advantage of often unused or wasted vertical space. Installing a mezzanine in your warehouse or factory can double (or even triple!) your space for a much smaller investment than relocating when space is at a premium. Depending on your needs, mezzanines can [...]

January 18, 2018

Warehouse Safety: How To Reduce the Risk of Falling Items

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What Goes Up Could Come Down In any warehouse or storage operation where inventory is stored high on racks, falling items are always a possibility. Entire pallets, cartons, or individual items can fall for many reasons: a poorly installed rack system, improper loading or stacking, forklift impact, seismic activity, and rack failure. Naturally, any item falling from the top [...]

May 30, 2017

Pallet Rack Flue Spaces and Why You Need Them

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The purpose of pallet rack flue spaces is to reduce fire damage: flue spaces help flames to vent up rather an out, creating a vertical rise that helps slow down the horizontal spread, allowing ceiling sprinklers (as well as any in-rack sprinklers) to activate faster. Flue spaces also allow water from the sprinklers to reach the warehouse racking and [...]

April 20, 2017

Green Warehousing: A Look at LEED V4 for Warehouses & DCs

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Last summer, the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) released its LEED in Motion: Industrial Facilities report which showed how the industrial sector is now prioritizing sustainability in design and operations. Industrial facilities, which include manufacturing buildings, warehouses, and distribution centers have long been considered the main contributors to environmental pollution, with manufacturers alone consuming more than 30 percent of [...]

December 21, 2016

The Customer is in The Driver’s Seat and is Transforming the Supply Chain

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There’s a new taskmaster transforming supply chain operations, and it's the digitally-empowered consumer. This new boss calls the shots, determining what he wants, how he wants it, and when he gets it. And, as physical and digital commerce has converged into a buy-deliver-return anywhere shopping model to please the boss, businesses need to be ready to meet demand, transforming their [...]

Next Level Looks at What’s Driving Industrial Real Estate Demand in 2017

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Industrial real estate demand reached new heights in 2016, with leasing in excess of 250 million square feet. Many companies have continued to expand, while many others are simply refining their supply chains to be closer to their customers. Low vacancy rates will continue to drop further, and leasing rates will continue to rise. While the continued growth of [...]

September 25, 2016

Is Your DC Staying Relevant in Today’s Marketplace?

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Is your distribution center relevant in today's marketplace?  Are you one of many companies looking to go direct to consumers through the internet to compete with industry giants such as Amazon? If so, you’re aware of the challenges: consumers are conditioned by the big players to expect rocket-fast delivery times, as well as impeccable, 5-star customer service. Is your warehouse [...]

Is Your Warehouse in Order? 5 Tips for a More Efficient Warehouse Operation

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Does your warehouse look like this? (Photo by Pat Castaldo. Click image to view source. Is your warehouse organized and efficient? Or, is it like many others, suffering from a lack of “housekeeping”? It’s easy for a warehouse to become a disordered war zone when business is growing, shipments are rolling in, and orders are rolling out. We’re not [...]

Next Level Looks at Why Demand for Industrial Spaces is Outpacing Supply

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According to a recent Prologis report on the first half of 2016, absorption of warehouse and distribution facilities is expected to exceed the delivery of new space for the remainder of the year. Booming growth in e-commerce fulfillment is the driving force behind 15 to 20 percent of the demand for fulfillment space, but it’s worth noting that traditional brick [...]

July 24, 2016

Next Level Looks at the Surge in Warehouse and Distribution Activity

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An explosive surge in warehouse and distribution activity has our inland ports booming, and it shows no sign of slowing down. According to a new report from CBRE Group, Inc., the rapid growth of e-commerce has created a large demand for industrial buildings in the 12 primary U.S. inland-port markets. In fact, demand for industrial buildings in those markets [...]

April 17, 2016

Warehousing Basics: Understanding Pallet Rack Systems Part 2 – Steel

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Our “Warehousing Basics” series continues with a look at a pallet rack system’s fundamental material: steel. As an integral material to the world of modern buildings, steel is the material of choice  of engineers and architects because of it’s strength, reliability, versatility and it’s sustainable profile. Steel is not only extremely sturdy; it’s flexible, enabling structures to withstand high winds [...]

Warehousing Basics: Understanding Pallet Rack Systems, Part 1 – Sitework & Flooring

By |2016-10-30T13:17:43-05:00April 7th, 2016|Blog Posts, Warehouse Storage Systems|

This is the first installment in our blog series Understanding Pallet Rack Systems from the Ground Up Sitework – The First Element in Your Pallet Rack System Quite simply, sitework is part of a construction project that is not part of a building's physical structure. There are many things that go into preparing a site for construction, including excavation or land clearing, [...]