July 30, 2013

Pallet Rack Musings: Relax dude, it’s just rack…

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Is it possible to over-think pallet rack? I am a notorious over-thinker (often to my detriment); so in my world, it is possible to over think anything and everything. Even something as benign as pallet rack. When I first entered the material handling industry, I knew absolutely nothing about material handling. I did not know what a pallet rack was. [...]

Fabulous Old Warehouses in Pictures

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De Zwijger ('The Silent') Warehouse, Amsterdam, 1933. Architects: J. de Bie Leuveling Tjeenk and K. Bakker. Courtesy of The New Institute. Warehouses of the Past There is just something almost magical about old warehouses and I love them. Though many have been torn down, there are warehouses in many cities that have been converted into living, dining and [...]

Green Warehousing: Budget-Friendly Tips for Greening Up Your Warehouse

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8 Budget-Friendly Tips for Green Warehousing Did you know that buildings contribute two-thirds of the carbon footprint we're constantly creating? Greening up your existing warehouse—using sustainable practices, products and procedures—can reduce your facility’s carbon footprint, lessen consumption and lower energy costs. Not to mention, good environmental citizenship also creates positive public relations and customer goodwill...and because it's the right thing to [...]

Gravity Conveyor Basics: Roller and Skate Wheel Conveyor

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What is a Gravity Conveyor? Non-powered conveyor is the simplest form of conveyor that uses gravity to keep products moving. Gravity conveyors offer a green, affordable way to transport packages distances that they cannot be carried. Portable sections of non-powered conveyor are often used for loading packages  on to and off trucks. Gravity conveyor can also serve as takeaway conveyor [...]

June 20, 2013

Warehouse Safety: Is Your Facility OSHA-Compliant?

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Courtesy Kevan Davis The most common reason OSHA doles out citations to warehouses in for forklift non-compliance. Workplace safety is increasingly taking center stage, and it’s not a favorable role being played. Articles frequently highlight the dangers of industrial work settings, and the cavalier management that doesn’t keep the business in compliance. According to the OSHA, fatal workplace [...]

Let There Be Light: Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Warehouse Lighting

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Tips to Maximize Your Warehouse Lighting If you’re looking for ways to increase productivity and improve safety in your warehouse, then it’s time to shine a light on an important topic: warehouse lighting. Proper lighting is essential for your warehouse environment to function at its best. Good lighting enables your staff to identify needed items on shelves, in corners...anywhere in [...]