warehouse lighting

April 3, 2018

Warehouse Lighting Design Basics

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Good warehouse lighting is key to optimum performance in addition to worker health, comfort, and safety. But lighting design in a warehouse can be a real challenge due to the variety of functions performed – from picking and packaging to shipping and receiving, light assembly, and office work. All the different functions may require different lighting levels. In [...]

August 23, 2017

Lighting Your Warehouse

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Is your facility lighting an afterthought, a necessary burden that you prefer to spend as little as possible on? We know it's tempting to go that route, but it’s important to realize that cheap, substandard lighting will likely cost you more in the long haul. Good lighting in a warehouse or factory is essential for worker safety, optimal performance, [...]

June 17, 2013

Let There Be Light: Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Warehouse Lighting

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Tips to Maximize Your Warehouse Lighting If you’re looking for ways to increase productivity and improve safety in your warehouse, then it’s time to shine a light on an important topic: warehouse lighting. Proper lighting is essential for your warehouse environment to function at its best. Good lighting enables your staff to identify needed items on shelves, in corners...anywhere in [...]