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November 18, 2014

A Brief History of Warehouse Storage Systems

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Being able to store away food and other supplies for later use was essential to the survival of early human life, and it happens to be just as important in today's world. In the scope of large storage warehouses, the risk of a single aged or broken shelf can threaten a town's food supply or drag down company profits. So [...]

August 14, 2014

New vs Used Pallet Rack

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The one major advantage of buying used pallet rack is up front cost. Used pallet rack systems can save substantial amounts of money compared to new systems on the initial investment. However, as reported in an article by Material Handling Network, used pallet rack typically doesn't make sense unless it's a straightforward situation. Oftentimes, they're simply not be capable of handling your warehouse storage needs, and you end [...]

April 16, 2014

MHE Terminology 101: Push Back Pallet Rack

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Next Level Storage offers a wide variety of storage solutions to accommodate any storage facility need and layout. Our experts understand that an efficient, well-run storage facility begins with its pallet racking system because it will directly impact operations and therefore profitability. That’s why it’s important to know which pallet racking options works best for your space. And if you [...]

July 9, 2013

Cantilever Rack Basics

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What is a Cantilever Rack? Quite simply, a cantilever is a beam anchored at only one end. Cantilever Rack, sometimes called pipe rack or lumber rack is typically used for storing long, narrow items.  Furniture rack is a type of cantilever rack that has decking added to provide storage similar to pallet racking, but with a full clear shelf that can be loaded from the front without obstruction [...]

June 24, 2013

The Benefits of Boltless Shelving

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Boltless/rivet shelving is and economical and efficient storage solution. Boltless shelving is a great storage solution, particularly in warehouse- and storage-type settings, because it packs a lot of punch at an affordable price. Here are some of the key benefits for going with boltless shelving. Easier, More Efficient Assembly “Boltless shelving” is exactly as the phrase suggests: there are no [...]

Let There Be Light: Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Warehouse Lighting

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Tips to Maximize Your Warehouse Lighting If you’re looking for ways to increase productivity and improve safety in your warehouse, then it’s time to shine a light on an important topic: warehouse lighting. Proper lighting is essential for your warehouse environment to function at its best. Good lighting enables your staff to identify needed items on shelves, in corners...anywhere in [...]