Section 179

May 30, 2016

The New Section 179 Deduction: Good News and More Good News

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Good News The good news is that the Section 179 $500,000 deduction has been made permanent, allowing small business owners to do better long-term planning for 2016 and beyond. The deduction, which is aimed at stimulating the economy, covers new or used equipment such as warehouse storage systems and shelving. Under the provision, business owners can deduct the full purchase price [...]

September 12, 2013

Warehousing and Section 179 in 2013

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Use the 2013 Section 179 tax deduction to save big on your material handling equipment purchase. Photo credit: Tax Credits Section 179 lets you take a $500K deduction for your material handling equipment purchase this year The limit for the Section 179 deduction was supposed to drop to a mere $25,000 for 2013, but luckily for small and [...]