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April 14, 2017

When To Consider Push Back Rack

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How do you decide if a high density push back pallet rack system is right for your facility? To get started, here are some basic questions to ask yourself: Do you need to increase your warehouse storage capacity? Do you need to store several products that have more than 5 pallets per SKU? Do you need to move pallets [...]

January 23, 2017

Pallet Racks and Seismic Design

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While pallet racks are not buildings, they are considered building-like, and therefore, just like a building, they need to be designed and engineered for safety in the event of seismic activity. California was the first state to require seismic engineering for pallet rack systems, but now many other regions of higher seismic activity, including northern New Jersey, South Carolina, [...]

Acceptable Pallet Rack Repair

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The Importance of Properly Engineered Pallet Rack Repair Pallet rack damage from the impact of forklifts and reach-trucks is almost inevitable at some point in the life of a warehouse. But unfortunately, damaged rack often remains in operation because it was simply ignored, assumed to be safe, or improperly repaired.  When racks are damaged or improperly repaired, the load-carrying [...]

April 23, 2016

Warehousing Basics: Understanding Pallet Rack Systems, Part 3 – The Base Plate

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In Part 3 of our “Warehousing Basics” series, we explore an integral component of the pallet rack, the base plate.   What is the Purpose of the Pallet Rack Base Plate? The pallet rack base plate (sometimes called foot plate) is a crucial component that anchors the pallet rack to the floor, disperses the weight of the rack column, and stabilizes [...]

Warehousing Basics: Understanding Pallet Rack Systems Part 2 – Steel

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Our “Warehousing Basics” series continues with a look at a pallet rack system’s fundamental material: steel. As an integral material to the world of modern buildings, steel is the material of choice  of engineers and architects because of it’s strength, reliability, versatility and it’s sustainable profile. Steel is not only extremely sturdy; it’s flexible, enabling structures to withstand high winds [...]

Warehousing Basics: Understanding Pallet Rack Systems, Part 1 – Sitework & Flooring

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This is the first installment in our blog series Understanding Pallet Rack Systems from the Ground Up Sitework – The First Element in Your Pallet Rack System Quite simply, sitework is part of a construction project that is not part of a building's physical structure. There are many things that go into preparing a site for construction, including excavation or land clearing, [...]

Warehousing Basics: Understanding Pallet Rack Systems from the Ground Up – Introduction

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What is a Pallet Rack System? Pallet rack, or pallet racking, is a material handling storage system designed to store materials to better utilize floor space in a warehouse or storage facility.  Although there are many varieties of pallet rack, and each is designed with specific functions and each type has definite advantages, all variations allow for the storage of [...]

November 10, 2014

Keeping Your Warehouse Running Smoothly with Pallet Rack Accessories

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Pallet Rack Accessories Pallet racks and their associated accessories are what can make the difference between an efficient warehouse and a big useless building. Whether you are preparing a building to store heavy industrial equipment or a wholesale store that is open to the public, choosing the right pallet rack accessories can save you a tremendous amount of time and [...]

October 24, 2014

Exploring Pallet Rack Frames

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Copyright: natulrich Pallet Rack Frames Use, Components, & Accessories Pallet racks are a basic yet extremely important storage device that enable warehouses to store pallets and their contents at higher density, thus requiring less space. They also allow for organization, easy in-and-out processing, and heavy load bearing. Pallet rack frames are the columnar uprights located at each of [...]

September 18, 2014

Pallet Rack Steel

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Next Level Storage Solutions Factory We continue our series, "Pallet Rack from the Ground Up" with an exploration of the fundamental production material of pallet rack: steel. Pallet Rack Production Begins with Steel As a building block in many structures and skyscrapers, steel performs its function well. It is a sturdy material, able to withstand the rigors of whatever [...]

Pallet Rack Shipping Changes

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Pallet Rack Shipping Rates May Be Increasing - Significantly On Monday, September 8, the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) will conduct a public meeting to consider proposals that could result in the reclassification of pallet rack from 60 to as high as 300. If it happens, the freight classification & cost could both go up significantly for pallet rack shipping. [...]

August 20, 2014

Pallet Rack from the Ground Up

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What is a Pallet Rack? A Pallet Rack is a storage system designed to store materials on pallets in horizontal rows with multiple levels. They provide structure and overall support to your various materials, which can be stored on pallets (or skids, as they are sometimes called). The materials handling industry is focused on efficiency. We need to know how [...]