pallet flow rack

June 19, 2017

Maximize Your Warehouse Storage and Minimize Wasted Space with Pallet Flow Racks

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What are Pallet Flow Racks? Pallet Flow Rack is just what it sounds like. Pallets actually flow (by gravity) down inclined tracks or rails of rollers or skate wheels to the front or pick face. Pallet flow rack can be an efficient and economical solution for the storage of fast moving items and to increase storage density and [...]

August 15, 2013

Go With the Flow: Save Time, Labor and Space with Pallet Flow Rack

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Pallet Racking Basics: Pallet Flow Rack Pallet Flow Rack is a form of dynamic, or live pallet raking that uses a gravity feed rear load design. The flow rack unit consists of inclined tracks or rails of rollers or skate wheels that are similar to gravity conveyors. Pallet flow racks are loaded on one side and the pallets are [...]