Green Warehousing

July 6, 2018

The Sustainable Supply Chain: How Can You Make Your Existing Distribution Facility Greener?

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As more and more end users are insisting upon a sustainable supply chain, distributors are increasingly looking for ways to make their facilities greener. And for many large end customers, sustainability in their entire supply chain is not just a preference, it is a requirement. But beyond satisfying your customers' demands for a sustainable supply chain, implementing sustainability initiatives [...]

LEED V4 Interior Lighting and Daylight Credits for Warehouses & Distribution Centers

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LEED-certified warehouses are a significant link in the sustainable supply chain. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to verify that buildings are constructed and operated in a way that reduces emissions, energy, and water use, and improves environmental quality. With the latest incarnation of [...]

June 12, 2017

Green Warehousing Tips for Energy Conservation

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Using environmentally focused procedures is not only socially responsible, it can save your company money as well. Not to mention that "going green" is no longer just a trend– the green revolution has taken root in society’s general consciousness and has become a mainstream movement. And for the millennial (and younger) generation especially, sustainability is a core value. With millennials on [...]

April 20, 2017

Green Warehousing: A Look at LEED V4 for Warehouses & DCs

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Last summer, the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) released its LEED in Motion: Industrial Facilities report which showed how the industrial sector is now prioritizing sustainability in design and operations. Industrial facilities, which include manufacturing buildings, warehouses, and distribution centers have long been considered the main contributors to environmental pollution, with manufacturers alone consuming more than 30 percent of [...]

July 16, 2013

Green Warehousing: Budget-Friendly Tips for Greening Up Your Warehouse

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8 Budget-Friendly Tips for Green Warehousing Did you know that buildings contribute two-thirds of the carbon footprint we're constantly creating? Greening up your existing warehouse—using sustainable practices, products and procedures—can reduce your facility’s carbon footprint, lessen consumption and lower energy costs. Not to mention, good environmental citizenship also creates positive public relations and customer goodwill...and because it's the right thing to [...]

Fun With Pallets! (Reusing, Recycling & Repurposing Shipping Pallets)

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Repurposing Shipping PalletsPhoto Credit: Mike McCaffrey By Kim Stebbins Creative Ways to Repurpose Used Shipping Pallets I can't take credit for these great DIY projects and the pictures of them in this post, but the idea for writing about ways to repurpose shipping pallets was due to four factors: Green–I  have an honest and  sincere interest in green [...]

“Green Up” Your Warehouse–Do the Right Thing and Save Money, Too

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A sunflower blooms in front of the solar array at Sterling College, in Craftsbury, Vermont. Good Reasons to Make Your Facility Environmentally Sustainable Is your facility environmentally sustainable? Using environmentally focused procedures is not only socially responsible, it can save your company money as well. Aside from the obvious benefits of eliminating waste and reducing energy consumption, here [...]

Green Warehousing: LEED Certification Basics

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LEED Certification in a Nutshell When creating a green warehouse or distribution facility, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is often considered the goal to strive for in one’s efforts to lessen the impact a facility has on our planet and its resources.  While implementing green initiatives can definitely have a positive impact on your bottom line, LEED points and [...]