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We are pallet rack manufacturers, delivering solutions to the warehouse logistics market.

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Pallet Rack Manufacturers

Warehouse Shelving Products

We offer warehouse shelving products for companies throughout North America. Our products include warehouse pallet rack & wire decking. Our shelving products are designed to deliver the best value in warehousing. However, we understand that your needs may not stop with a new pallet rack system or wire decking. We are more than just a pallet rack manufacturer.

Material Handling Solutions

You might not expect pallet rack manufacturers to also deliver material handling solutions. With over 20 years experience in material handling, our goal is to provide you the best possible solutions for your material handling needs: whatever those needs are.

Material handling is the movement of materials (raw materials, scrap, semi-finished, and finished) to, through, and from productive processes; in warehouses and storage; and in receiving and shipping areas. Material handling typically involves the use of mechanical equipment and specialty storage systems, like pallet rack.

FlexRack™ Pallet Rack

Pallet rack storage systems have been a staple of warehouse, production, and industrial environments for years. Just because they’ve been around for a long time doesn’t mean they can’t be made better. From the baseplate to the top of the rack, we examined every piece to see how we could improve and simplify it.

We developed FlexRack™ Pallet Rack as a solution to meet the demands of today’s warehouse shelving systems. As pallet rack manufacturers, we aim to take the worry out of your day-to-day work life. Our rack is built to be strong, flexible, & simple to maintain.

FlexRack™…the Next Best Thing in Pallet Rack

success  Easy to Assemble

success  Flexible Fit

success  Engineered to Perform

success  Incomparably Priced

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FlexRack Pallet Rack


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Smarter Delivery

More distribution hubs than other pallet rack manufacturers.

success    Reduced Shipping Costs

success    Reduced Shipping Time

success    Consistent On-time Deliveries

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Material Handling Services Include